Lets Go Aero Sports Trailer. All Terrain Model. Waterproof. Dual locks, one on each side. Up to 500 lb cargo weight. Dont cram your vehicle full when you can tow your luggage or gear behind. Lightweight, easy to move around, even when loaded. Only 25 lb tongue wt when empty. Up to 86 cubic ft of storage. Clamshell design allows waist level loading from either side. Light enough less than 1000 l...
Good shape, no longer needed
-In the front you will find a queen bed with two wardrobes, one on either side of the bed. Buildings Equipment8 x 31 building 6 x 31 building31 JD disk 3pt. scoop 3 2 axle utility trailers 31 Stiger trailer mzawjvubymyamy6230
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